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ADHE Scholarships provides various graduate and undergraduate financial aid in different subject areas such as medicine, sciences etc. Apart from these endowments ADHE also provides funding for training programs, fellowships etc.

Arkansas Department of Higher Education [ADHE] has been taking initiative through providing financial aids and scholarships to help students of Arkansas gaining an education and fulfil their dreams to pursue higher education. Arkansas Department of Higher Education [ADHE] has been tirelessly involved in promoting higher education at Arkansas.

Academic Challenge Scholarship

Some of these endowments include Academic Challenge Scholarship which is available for students residing in Arkansas aspiring to pursue higher education and entering college for the first time. This is also funded by the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship.

Arkansas Health Education Grant

Arkansas Health Education Grant is for professional training in the field of Dentistry, Osteopathic medicine, Pediatrics, Veterinary etc. This is sub funded by the State of Arkansas. Students of medical and health field pursuing graduate and professional courses very well avail benefits for this application.

Governor’s Scholars program

Governor’s Scholars program is one of the merit-based programs for high school seniors. The program is based on academic achievement, test scores and leadership and provides financial assistance for tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board to selected students.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid – better known as FAFSA – is already open for students planning to attend college during the 2021-2022 school year. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a financial assistance initiative for college or graduate school. To apply for financial aid for college or graduate school Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form

This post will guide you on the following, It includes:

  • How to prepare to apply for the FAFSA
  • A detailed breakdown of the application process
  • What to do if you need more assistance

Here’s the link:

Higher Education Opportunities Grants

Apart from this, financial assistance is also provided for higher education through Higher Education Opportunities Grants. These grants are provided up to $1000 and $500 to full time and part-time students respectively on the basis of financial needs. Apart from this, students need to be a resident of Arkansas and attend an approved Arkansas institution.

Students Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program.

Financial aids for research are also provided in specific fields to undergraduate students through the Students Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program.

Further, there are also programs available for dependents and spouses of the law enforcement officer and military people of Arkansas.

Further Washington Center Scholarships of up to $6000 are provided to attend internship and seminars at Washington centre. Apart from these, there are also programs available for loans repayment.

How to Apply 

With ADHE Scholarships programs, ADHE is working towards promoting statewide initiative towards higher education and thus improving academic programs and helping economically disadvantaged students in completing their education.  Hope these financial aid positions will help students in brightening their career path.

1. Complete the YOUniversal application – Click Here

2. Complete the FAFSA application – Click Here

3. Academic Challenge Scholarship ApplicationClick Here

Other ADHE Programs

For information on other ADHE Programs, please visit the ADHE Financial Aid Information

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