2020 GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition by Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).

The GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize is a pan-African competition for innovative, young entrepreneurs pursuing the trillion-dollar opportunity of Africa’s agri-food sector.

GoGettaz is an annual competition to identify innovative entrepreneurial ventures in the agrifood sector founded by young people across the African continent.

One male and one female winner will be chosen based on the innovation, originality, scalability and environmental sustainability of their business venture.

Worth of Award

  • The entries will be judged to award two young agripreneurs with pioneering business ventures, one of two US$50,000 cash prizes that will help them change their world and transform the agrifood business.
  • airfare vouchers from the country of residence to the venue of the 2020 AGRF Summit
  • All applicants benefit from inspiration, education, and support via access to an online platform for entrepreneurs.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Entrepreneurs must be age 35 or under on the day of submission to the online GoGettaz Afripreneur Prize competition, and be legally recognised as an adult in the country of his/her nationality.
  • Entrepreneurs must hold nationality (with official ID) from any of the 54 nations of the African Union.
  • Entrepreneurs must be the founder or co-founder of the enterprise he or she represents in the competition and play an active role in its operations and leadership.
  • Entrepreneurs must have no criminal record related to corruption, tax evasion, financial impropriety, felony or other offences, and be willing to provide a signed declaration to that effect if requested.
  • Your venture must have its headquarters in one of the 54 countries of the African Union and must be officially registered in an African country.
  • Your venture must be designed to be financially sustainable, either as a for-profit business or a market-based social venture with a business model that includes revenue generation – at least in part – and aiming for non-donor-based sustainability over time.
  • Your venture must play a role in the agri-food sector or support the development of the agri-food sector through innovation, disruption or original process improvement across the food value chain from seed to fork.

The “agri-food sector” may be defined as businesses including:

  • Agri-food research & development
  • Primary food production
  • Crop nutrition
  • Irrigation
  • Mechanisation, automation or robotics
  • Crop protection
  • Hydroponics or urban farming
  • Transport, distribution, storage or logistics
  • Food processing
  • Packaging or marketing
  • Food retail or service
  • Waste management or recycling
  • Digital or technology solutions/services to the agri-food sector
  • Innovative finance solutions/services to the agri-food sector

Renewable energy or environmental solutions/services to the agri-food sector

How to Apply

  • Complete the full online application by no later than the deadline.
  • Please review the questions early in the process so you have enough time to prepare thoughtful responses. The application includes questions such as:
  • Give an example of your entrepreneurial mindset.”
  • How does your venture make money?”
  • Who are your main customers?”
  • Who are your main competitors?”
  • What are your biggest business challenges so far and how have you overcome them?”
  • Applicants must fill out each section of the application to be considered. Be sure to allow enough time to complete all sections.


Visit the Official Webpage for more GoGettaz Agripreneur details

Application Deadline: July 18th, 2020


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