INTECH Process Automation Nigeria Limited is a renowned system integrator and automation solution provider for the oil & gas sector globally. Over a period of more than 20 years, it has helped major Oil & Gas End Users to solve their most pressing issues of Instrumentation, Control & Electrical automation. INTECH’s broad automation solution product portfolio, technical skills, knowledge & expertise on equipment of all major OEMs, and its asset-application specific approach to solution design are what differentiates it from a typical system integrator.

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Location: Lagos


  • designing and applying appropriate project management standards for incorporation in the NI Gateway Review Process
  • managing the production of the required deliverables
  • planning and monitoring the project
  • adopting any delegation and use of project assurance roles within agreed reporting structures
  • preparing and maintaining the project, stage, and exception plans as required
  • managing project risks, including the development of contingency plans
  • liaison with program management (if the project is part of a program) and related projects to ensure that work is neither overlooked nor duplicated
  • monitoring overall progress and use of resources, initiating corrective action where necessary
  • applying change control and configuration management processes
  • reporting through agreed lines on project progress through highlight reports and end-stage assessments
  • liaison with appointed project assurance representatives to assure the overall direction and integrity of the project
  • maintaining an awareness of potential interdependencies with other projects and their impact
  • adopting and applying appropriate technical and quality strategies and standards
  • identifying and obtaining support and advice required for the management, planning, and control of the project
  • managing project administration
  • conducting a project evaluation review to assess how well the project was managed
  • preparing any follow-on action recommendations

Required Qualification & Experience: 

    • apply a PRINCE2 project management approach to the specific requirements of the project
    • establish a good working relationship with the Senior Responsible Owner
    • direct, manage and motivate the project team
    • develop and maintain an agreed project plan and detailed stage plans
    • understand and apply business case and risk management processes
    • tailor expert knowledge to meet specific circumstances
    • plan and manage the deployment of physical and financial resources to meet project milestones
    • build and sustain effective communications with other roles involved in the project
    • apply quality management principles and processes

How to Apply

Application for the position is Company-wide cross-posting by Sending your resumes to mentioning your relevant area of professional interest.


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Application Deadline: 31/12/2020

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