Straight From School Initiative Program 2020 for Students & Graduates

Are you University students and Graduates? Here is a program for you called Straight From School Initiative (Cohort 2), it empowers visionaries with the support, knowledge and platform they need to position as thought leaders in their industry, get their message to the right audience and enjoy the rewards of their impact.

The SFSI is a program designed to empower students and Nigerian graduates with the necessary digital skill they need to excel in the marketplace.

The SFSI program runs in cohorts. The program is 100% free and 100% virtual. This means that you will need a laptop, mobile phone, data and good internet service to enjoy the program. The full SFSI program runs for about 4 – 6 weeks depending on the skill being studied. It is usually intense and demands full attention and time. Assignments are also given and must be submitted before you can graduate and be considered alumni.

Program Stages

  • SFSI Student: You come in as a student and you are introduced to your course, director and members of your group. You are expected to follow the process until the program is over.
  • SFSI Alumni Network: When the program is over, you are issued certificates and then automatically become a member of the alumni network. You will be onboarded to the alumni group to meet others who have taken the program before you. Members of this network have access to a large network and also resources.
  • SFSI Campus Ambassadors: This is the highest badge in the SFSI program and is not available to just anyone. Based on character and commitment shown towards your personal growth, you can be accepted as a campus ambassador when you apply.


  • You will learn skills that earn you money;
  • You join a network of like minds and build;
  • Access to mentorship from thought-leaders;
  • Access to periodic training on business, life and career;
  • Access and connection to global opportunities;
  • Successful applicants can be SFSI ambassadors;
  • Successful but indigent applicants can be assisted.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open only to students and graduates (not more than 3 years);
  • Applicants must have a laptop and access to the internet;
  • Applicant must be ready to complete all the courses;
  • Applicant must be ready to join the alumni group.
How to Participate

To participate in this program,

  • Choose a skill to learn
  • Attend classes
  • Get certification and support

Click Here To Apply

Visit the Straight From School Initiative Webpage for more details

Application Deadline: July 10, 2020

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