Uniterm Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian Company owned by Nigerians incorporated in 2004 and has grown rapidly with a professional staff of about 200 delivering quality and cost-effective services in the Oil & Gas sector of the Nigerian economy.

Uniterm Nigeria Limited is inviting Suitable candidates to apply for the job advert;

Position title: Chief Engineer Q7000

Job Location: BAYELSA

Reports to: OIM/Master

Job Summary:

  • The Chief Engineer is responsible for the safe and cost-effective management of the vessel’s plant and machinery and must ensure that all measures are taken to prevent the pollution of the marine environment. Where appropriate they are responsible for ensuring that the Marine Dive Technicians maintain and operate the diving system in accordance with the relevant manufacturers’ recommendations and the requirements of the relevant legislation.
  • The Chief Engineer also responsible for any modifications to the diving system once approved and for deciding whether such modifications need to be referred to the certifying authorities for further approval so as to ensure that the system retains its certification/classification.
  • They shall ensure that the vessel retains its certification/class by ensuring that the class surveys are undertaken before their final due date. Where surveys cannot be undertaken for operational or other reasons the Chief Engineer shall ensure that the vessel’s Technical Superintendent is made aware in good time.
  • The Chief Engineer may delegate specific duties to officers under their command, however, those duties are to be documented.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Duties will normally comprise of the following:

  • It is the Chief Engineers responsibility to ensure that either: Class Surveys are undertaken before their final due date or; Where surveys cannot be undertaken for operational or other reasons that the vessel’s Marine Manager is made aware in good time.
  • Have an understanding and comply with all relevant sections of the companies policies and management system.
  • Issue Standing Orders to ensure safe and efficient operation of plant and equipment.
  • Responsible for the hull/structure, tanks, etc, of the vessel and for the safe and efficient operation of all plant and machinery, permanently installed, on the vessel. May also be responsible for the temporary plant, fitted for specific tasks, by WOUK, ie. Air Dive stations, hydraulic power packs for subsea work, etc.
  • Responsible for the management of all maintenance tasks, the planned maintenance system (ie Wintag and Equip Plan in consultation with Company Technical Representative where appointed) and unscheduled repairs that may be necessary on vessel plant and machinery.
  • Must be familiar with the vessel’s plant and machinery and shall ensure that the Engineering staff are adequately trained in their safe operation and maintenance. Ensure that they have knowledge of safety requirements, including work permit systems, operational and emergency procedures, Company policy and instructions, and ensure that the vessel’s Engineering staff are aware of, and understand them.
  • Responsible for maintaining accurate records, which should be readily retrievable, and conform to the Offshore Management System. Shall ensure that all manuals and drawings are kept up to date.
  • Responsible for the ordering stores and spare gear and maintaining sufficient onboard stock levels, to ensure that the vessel’s operational capabilities and safety are not jeopardized.
  • Responsible for the supervision of the Engineering Staff, issuing such instructions as may be required, ensuring that all work and activities under their control do not contravene applicable rules and regulations, and department discipline. They shall ensure that the Engineering Staff is adequately familiarised with their functions in accordance with STCW95 requirements.
  • Shall assist in the planning of dry-dockings, major repairs, modifications and surveys and will keep the OIM/Masterfully informed of vessel status and all notifiable occurrences.
  • Is the “Responsible Person” for all operations in the technical department requiring a work permit. Shall ensure that all safety precautions are taken and that the work is carried out in a safe manner. May appoint a suitably qualified person to act as “Responsible Person” in their place but must inform the duty officer of any appointment made.
  • Within their department, they are responsible for ensuring that the rules laid down by DnV are strictly adhered to, and any other quality assurance system that may be operated by WOUK.
  • Shall personally (or their nominated deputy) ensure that all preventative measures are taken when bunkering in port or offshore.
  • Has a line of communication with the Marine Manager in charge of the vessel they are serving on.
  • Issue written work instructions specifying the person in charge of the job/repair/etc. The person who has completed the job/repair shall initial the work instruction.
  • Responsible for ensuring that, as applicable, the measures in Merchant Shipping Notice, M 1456 ” Prevention of fuel, lubricating and hydraulic oil fires in the machinery spaces of merchant ships and fishing vessels” June 1991, are complied with.
  • Responsible for checking all third party equipment certificates of conformity including maintenance records and histories, to ensure they comply with the certificate of fitness.
  • Responsible for ensuring confirmation of maintenance and fitness for purpose of third party hand tools.
  • Review the Safety Notices, Marine Circular Correspondence files and the OMS Amendment file in the current version of the OMS CD Rom, upon joining and re-joining the vessel.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Vessel Master or Technical Superintendent.

Certificates, Training and Experience

  • The Chief Engineer of the Vessel should have:
  • III/2 – STCW95.
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness.
  • Valid International Passport.
  • Possess basic critical rig equipment training.
  • Demonstrated ability of oral and written communications may be substituted in lieu of formal education.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Guidelines for Design and Operation of Dynamically Positioned Vessels DPVOA (IMCA).
  • Comply with the requirements as described in Section 4.4 of the IMCA “Training and Experience of Key DP Personnel” document.
  • Have adequate knowledge and experience with the relevant class of vessel in accordance with Section 5 of the IMCA Document “The training and experience of key DP personnel”.
  • Certificate, Training and Experience
  • Chief Engineer (Unlimited) STCW A-III/2
  • Diploma (or equivalent) –Marine Engineering
  • NVQ Level 4 (or equivalent) – Engineering Knowledge
  • High Voltage (Management)
  • Personal Survival Techniques (STCW Code – Table A-VI/1-1)
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (STCW Code – Table A-VI/1-2)
  • Elementary First Aid (STCW Code – Table A-VI/1-3)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (STCW Code – Table A-VI/1-4)
  • Designated Security Duties certificate (STCW A- VI/6)
  • K-Chief Step 1 & 2
  • Huisman WIS
  • OGUK Medical examination and vaccination certificates.
  • ENG1 or ILO equivalent
  • 8+ years in similar role proven sea time service by Discharge Book entries or Certificates of Discharge

Method of Application

Interested and Only qualified candidates should send their CV in ONLY one attachment (MS Word document) and all other Supporting Documents/Certifications to: with the job title as the subject. 

Visit the Uniterm Nigeria Limited Official Website for more information

Application Deadline: 31/08/2020

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